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VNU English Testing Department consists of the following:

VNU-ETC: a professional testing center of VNU-HCM responsible for testing English for undergraduate and graduate students within the VNU-HCM and for other organizations upon request.

Test sites: Organizations and institutions of VNU-HCM, which are assigned by VNU-HCM to cooperate with VNU-ETC to organize the VNU-EPT test.


Organizational chart:

VNU-ETC Council

Director/ Expert Council

Test Design Department/ Test Administration Department/ Research & Development Department/ General Affairs Department/ Accounting Department

Functions and responsibilities:

1. VNU-ETC Council: established by the VNU-HCM Board of Presidents, including:

-          Chair: representative of VNU-HCM Board of Presidents

-   Members: A representative of VNU-HCM Undergraduate and Graduate Training Department, Director of International Education Institute, representatives of University ofSocialSciencesand Humanities, and Director of VNU-ETC.


-          Set strategies and plans for VNU-ETC.

-          Evaluate VNU-ETC’s activities.

-          Direct institutions to improve the efficiency and quality of VNU-HCM’s English testing.

-          Implement other responsibilities assigned by VNU-HCM Board of Presidents

2. Expert Council: established by VNU-ETC Director, including:

-          VNU-ETC Director and experts in English training, testing and higher education


-          Advising VNU-ETC Director regarding English testing

3. VNU-ETC Director: appointed by VNU-HCM Board of Presidents based on the nomination of VNU-ETC Council.

VNU-ETC Director has the highest responsibility for every VNU-ETC activity and reports to VNU-HCM Board of Presidents as well as VNU-ETC Council. He/she is responsible for building andmanaging VNU-ETC’s activities in accordance with the strategies, plans and goals set by VNU-ETC Council. VNU-ETC Director is also responsible for organizing and managing the Center’sactivities in accordance with the regulations verified by VNU-HCM Board of Presidents.

4. Departments: established by VNU-HCM Director, including: Test Design Department, Test Administration Department, Research & Development Department, and other departments if needed.

VNU-ETC also has a wide network of collaborators who are international and national experts with high professionalism and experience in education and testing.